Abuse Ministry

The Lee Park Church Abuse Ministry was established to raise the Awareness of abuse in our culture and the threat of it within our church and membership. We have Become a church that cares well for the abused. We Understand the immoral and illegal repercussions in regard to abuse and the need for preventative measures. We have a thorough training and screening system  for our volunteers and employees. We are Sensitive to the needs and safety of the abused. We will Encourage and give hope to the abused and are prepared to act when abuse is reported or observed. This initiative is led by the Lee Park Abuse Ministry Caring Well Team, consisting of pastors, staff, and volunteers committed to sharing the love, compassion and hope found in Jesus Christ with those who have been abused. 

Lee Park Church commits to do everything we can to recognize any hint of abuse and to do all we can do to prevent any kind of abuse.

If you need us, please fill out the following details: