The mission of Lee Park Preparatory School is to provide a sound, college-based education, encompassed by a Biblical Worldview.


Lee Park Preparatory School will lead students through challenging academic pursuits, appropriate skill development, and fundamental spiritual disciplines. We seek to equip students with the necessary tools to excel academically and be prepared to live and defend their faith with confidence.


Spring: The application window opens Sunday February 23, 2020 for Fall 2020


Lee Park Preparatory School will join the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) in July for the 2019-2020 academic year.  As a membership school educators have access to a professional network of Christian learning opportunities, continuing education, and individual certification.  Future plans include pursuing school accreditation.


At Lee Park Preparatory School we desire to assist our students in developing Christian character.  Our school community is strengthened by prayerful families seeking to assist in fulfilling the school’s mission. Therefore, proper conduct is necessary for the welfare of both the school and the student. Each family will receive a copy of the dress code, honor code, and discipline policies during the first week of school.  Parents/Guardians, and students will be responsible for reading, signing, and returning the Statement of Cooperation agreement to the Office of Academic Affairs.


Lee Park Prep operates on a University Model for course offerings. This college-based system of education allows students to prepare for semester scheduling to both ‘catch up’ and ‘excel’ in their educational endeavors.


Monday Core Courses
Tuesday Elective Courses/Mission Work
Wednesday Core Courses
Thursday Core Courses
Friday Home Study Day


Lee Park Prep is a member of the MAAC conference to provide multiple sports opportunities for students.  Currently, sports offered include: basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cross country.  (Sports fees to be determined.)
Lee Park Prep will perform an annual musical involving the entire student body.  Aspects of the production will include performance, directors, set design, production, and other positions to build a team within the school.


Full-Time Student
Tuition $4,950
Technology fee $500
Application fee $250
Total $5,700
Homeschool Student
Any student desiring to take one or more classes is required to take a Bible class concurrently. The cost of the Bible class is included in the cost of the first class.
One Course per Semester Two Courses per Semester
One Class (plus Bible) $400 Two Classes (plus Bible)   $800
Tech & Textbook fee (per semester)    $250 Tech & Textbook fee (per semester) $250
Registration (per semester) $150 Registration (per semester) $150
Total $800 Total $1200
Financial assistance may be available through church donors and/or sponsorships. Families of accepted students may request to complete a financial assistance application by emailing .  To maintain financial assistance, students must be in good academic standing. 

Questions? Email:

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