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My Prayer
October 13, 2019 | Chris Justice

Matthew 6: 5-15 1.My Prayer is not Hypocritical2.My Prayer is Personal3. My Prayer is a Praise...

The Gift
October 6, 2019 | Chris Justice

Matthew 6:1-4Righteous Living Is Seen In Righteous Giving1.The Christian Call for Giving2.The...

Why Do I Doubt My Faith?
September 29, 2019 | Chris Justice

Mark 9:14-29 1.We Doubt When We Do Not Know 2.We Doubt When We Do Not Grow 3.We Doubt When We...


The Lee Park Church Family is a multisite model of ministry with a slightly different approach.  Our Church Family program brings existing churches together with the goal of seeing revitalization in the local church.